Everything’s so out of wack

by Rowan

20171021_212015When we arrived in New Zealand, the first thing I thought was “where are the chickens?” Then I remembered that New Zealand cities didn’t have chickens wandering around everywhere. It was actually quite a shock coming to New Zealand since it was so different from the Cook Islands. I had to keep reminding myself to put my seatbelt on whenever I went on a taxi(which was pretty rare).  The first place we went to was Auckland. It was big, loud and had very little green in it. I was really starting to miss the Cook Islands at this point. We arrived at around 7:00 pm local time. We went directly to the place that we were staying so we could put our paraphernalia away before we went to go eat. Unfortunately, we had a bit of a surprise waiting for us when we arrived at our apartment. For one thing, it was really friekin’ small. There was also only one bed. So I had to sleep on the floor. Our first night was crap. The apartment was only meant for 2 people, not 4. I blame false advertising. Anyway, the next day we booked into this really nice hotel with three bedrooms, 4 beds, a tv, a stove, a sink and an oven. It was awesome, aside from the fact that the tv color was in red and yellow, but it was nice. Anyhow, the next day we left to go to this is land called Waiheke.


It was a really nice island with a bunch of vineyards on it. We stayed there for three days; touristing, eating and relaxing. I’m now ready for the next catastrophe.


2 Replies to “Everything’s so out of wack”

  1. Ha! Good telling of the situation, Rowan. I can picture it from what you say. Good that you’re ready for the next catastrophe, as I’m sure there will be some challenges. Mostly there will be awesomeness, though! Enjoy! And please keep writing about your experiences, as it great to hear. Miss you all but so happy that you’re having this adventure! 😁


    1. Thank you so much jill, your comment helps to kepp my hopes up for the rest of this trip! I will definetely keep on writing abou my experiences.


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