Sri Lankan cooking – a follow up

by Rachel

Rowan wrote a post about our cooking class that we all participated in while we were in Sri Lanka. I’m sure a few of you were a little skeptical as to whether anything would actually come of it – particularly once we were back in our regular (or as regular as this year can get!) day-to-day life. Well, for all you doubters I am happy to say that cooking has happened! And what I particularly love about it is that I haven’t done the cooking (aside from making the rice – no biggy). First of all Neil made one dish – a green bean curry. Mmmmm, so yummy.


And on the weekend both boys were in the kitchen, cooking up a storm. It was great! All I had to do was sit there, chat, drink wine, and be a happy recipient.

Loving the Sri Lankan curry, and loving the fact that Neil and Rowan are making it!


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