On Monday the 21st of May we arrived in Crete. Crete! You know, King Minos, the minotaur and the Labyrinth. Crete was nothing like I expected. I’m not sure what exactly I was expecting, but I wasn’t expecting a dry, desert-ey place. Anyways. I really like where we are staying cause it’s in the old town and right near the harbour. Oh ya, and the harbour is clear! Like, you can actually see fish swimming around!


It’s weird cause most harbours I’ve seen are not clear at all. The weather has been pretty good so far although the past few days have been really windy. The waves are pretty epic though.


Unfortunately that meant that we couldn’t go snorkeling.☹ But there were other things to do, like walk to the light house,


going to Knossos (a blog post will be written about that adventure), and plain old wandering around aimlessly. Oh ya, and museums. We went to a maritime museum the other day. It was okay, but not super well organised and half of the exhibits were model boats. The people are really nice and the food is usually really good. I’ve had some mouthwateringly delicious souvlaki this past week as well as some great smoothies and juices at our regular breakfast place. All in all Crete was GREAT and I can not wait to go back!!!!!


Oh ya, and we went swimming in the Mediterranean!

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