A little jaunt to the Lake District

By Rachel

There is just something about the Lake District for me. Maybe it’s the dry stone walls snaking up – and sometimes over – the fells. Or the treeless fellsides alternating between short grass and tiny wildflowers and scree and rock. Perhaps it’s the little stone cottages snuggled into a little crook of a stream or the stiles you have to climb over to get from one field to another. Whatever it is, I do love it. And yesterday we had a little Lake District taste.

Gorgeous sunny day, cloudless sky, mid-20s, no real wind – can’t ask for nicer weather. Sadly there is no train running now from Lancaster to Windermere, Kendal, or Keswick, but we did get to take a double-decker bus which gave us lovely views. We travelled right through to Keswick, a place we liked so much we named Tristan after it. Keswick is also home to the Castlerigg Stone Circle, a Neolithic circle encircled by mountains. As with other stone circles, no one knows its exact purpose, however, the setting is impressive and that, along with the mystery of its use, gives plenty of room for imagination and creativity.

Being tied to the bus schedule did mean we didn’t get to enjoy the Lakes quite to the extent I hoped – in hindsight we should have done an overnight visit – but at least we got that little taste and hopefully it will inspire us and the kids to return.

2 Replies to “A little jaunt to the Lake District”

  1. Is this the stone circle, I visited with you and Neil in the driving rain which turned eventually to snow? I’m glad you had good weather this time! It looks gorgeous.


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