A Tour Around Iceland

By Pippa

On Monday July 16th we went on a golden circle tour around Iceland. The first stop on our tour was a crater lake. The crater was created when a magma chamber under the ground emptied out and collapsed in on itself. Now there’s a beautiful blue lake in the middle of the crater.

After that we drove to a waterfall. It was only about three metres tall, but it was 50 metres wide. It was lovely.

Plus, the lake and this water fall were only recently added to the tour, so technically we hadn’t even started the “Golden Circle Tour” yet. Next, we went to a huge waterfall.

It was awesome! It was actually two waterfalls and the cool thing was there was a 90 degree angle between the two. There was so much water spraying off the waterfall I was practically drenched by the time we got back to the bus. Oh ya, and you can see one of Iceland’s many glaciers from above the water fall.DSCN4266 That’s ice, not cloud.

After the water fall we went to see a Geysir. Well we saw geysir, the original Geysir is dormant. I can’t actually remember the name of the active geysir that we saw, but I do remember that you’re not supposed to stand down wind from the geysir because when it ‘erupts’ because you’ll get drenched by hot, sulfur-ey water.

Not my idea of fun but some people still did it anyways. After the geysir we went to see the edge of the North-American and Eurasian tectonic plates! Oh, quick tip, if someone says you can stand with one foot on each plate, it’s not true. In reality, there are actually miles in between each plate.

I, personally, think that’s way cooler than just a few centimetres. After the edge of the Eurasian plate we drove to the edge of the North-American plate, had a walk around, saw yet an other waterfall, and went back to our bus. All in all, I totally loved the tour, our guide was great, and he talked solid for like the whole trip which was great. It was actually weird when he stopped talking. It felt so….quiet. Any who it was a great day. I totally love Iceland and I am so going back there some day if I can afford it ’cause stuff is fricking expensive there!

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