The first post of November

This is officially the first post of November!(Cue theme song). Anyhow, I was told to write about trees, but I really didn’t feel like writing about that so I decided that I would write about what it’s like Down Under.

Since New Zealand is basically also Down Under, I’ll talk about that First. First Question, Is New Zealand full of beautiful rolling hills? Yes it is.  In fact, New Zealand has become the hot new place to film movies because of it’s diverse flora and fauna in such a small place.  Second Question, Is New Zealand just as dangerous as Australia? Yes and no. There is no creature in New Zealand that can kill you. Except for one. And that is the poisonous spider that lives in remote coastal regions and runs from humans and all hospitals have the antidote for that poison. So no, you won’t die because a creature killed you in New Zealand. That’s the plus side of living in New Zealand. The Bad Side is that you’re surrounded by somewhat active volcanoes. It’s great. It really gives you that rush of adrenalin when the ground shakes and you think that a volcano just erupted. But (most) places have an evacuation thingy so that if a volcano does erupt you’re unlikely to be burnt to a crisp.

Now’s the time to talk about Australia Second. First Question, Is Australia really as dangerous as everybody says? Yes, it is. In fact, the top ten most poisonous snakes live in Australia. Australia also has a flesh eating snail. So yes, do NOT touch anything that looks Cute ‘n Cuddly cause it’s probably going to kill you. Second Question, Australia can’t be all that bad can it? I mean there must be something good about Australia? Actually, yes, it is all that bad cause if you don’t get eaten, mauled or poisoned by some horrific creature, the frieken’ heat will kill you. The sun Down Under seems to burn you 5 times faster than it does anywhere else. But there is also some good here. Like the nice view that I get from my balcony.20171103_104206

Sorry guys, but that was the best that I could do because it was all grey today. Anyhow, the people are friendly, the food is great, the coffee is great and it’s quite a nice place, that is if you can forget that almost everything can kill you.

2 Replies to “The first post of November”

  1. But the cute marsupials make up for the scary things, right? Kangaroos, koalas, wombats…forget the Tasmanian Devils though ’cause they are scary too.


  2. you’re right
    we went to the zoo and saw kangaroo’s and wallabies and meerkats which were super cute!


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