Cricket at the Oval


By Rowan

Yesterday, we went to watch some cricket at the Adelaide. It was packed with people and full of delicious smelling food and coffee. I went there expecting it to be super fun and interesting. And it is, provided that you are patient. Cricket isn’t, in my opinion, the most interesting of games but is a lot more interesting than, say, NFL football. There are some very fun parts to it, like when the batsman hits the ball to the boundary line, or when the bowler gets someone out. I do think that everyone should at least watch it once in their lifetime. But you actually have to go to a live match, then you’ll feel all of energy and craziness of true cricket fans.




4 Replies to “Cricket at the Oval”

  1. Some cool photography! Cricket is THE legacy that Britain left in its former colonies. I think Canada is probably the only one that didn’t catch on – probably something to do with the climate- surprise, surprise.


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