a warm Christmas in Adelaide

by Pippa

Let’s just say that being Canadian, ‘warm’ and ‘Christmas’ aren’t word I usually use in the same sentence, unless I’m saying that ‘Christmas is not warm’. This year it was a bit different. The first thing I noticed when I woke up in Christmas morning was the fact that it was bright. Since in Canada Christmas is during winter, this was weird. I actually went into the living room and closed the blinds fully so that it was darker. And, of course, when me and Rowan received head scarves we commented on the fact that they would be good neck warmers. Of course. Getting a pair of shorts is also not something that would usually happen. And yet it did! Thank goodness too, because I needed a new pair. Anyway, at lunch we went to the Belgian café and had a three-course meal. It was so yummy! Later, at about four a clock, we caught the tram to Glenelg beach, because we just had to. I mean, when else could we do that? I had so much fun in the little waves, which sometimes have a surprising amount of force. Anyway, Christmas wasn’t quite as good as usual, but it was still nice.


4 Replies to “a warm Christmas in Adelaide”

  1. Hi Pippa,
    I’d trade a neck warmer and long underwear for shorts and a head scarf right now as we ‘bask’ in our minus 25 weather! Merry Christmas to you all!


    1. Hi Grandma
      Ha ya me too!
      Also wow ouch that’s cold it was plus 35 today!
      Merry Christmas to you too! Hope it was great!😁


  2. Hi Pippa,
    You are so lucky to have warm weather it is the absolute opposite here. Minus 33 You have to practically run from our house to grandma’s. Hope Christmas went well. And that you guys so much for the awesome gifts, I love the necklace the most, it really goes well with Ecoquest.
    We miss you lots


  3. hi Isabel,
    I know! I started enjoying it more after I heard of the sudden drop in temperature were you guys are. also ouch. its hard to remember how cold that is now! XD it was pretty good thanks. I’m so glad you like your gifts!
    We miss you more!


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