Being ball crew

by Rowan


For those of you who already have question marks over their heads (I know who you are!), the ball crew are those lucky (and unlucky) people that throw the ball back to the players (be it soccer or field hockey). On the plus side, you get the best front row seats for nothing aside from doing a bit of work (hardly any moving around). DSCN1480  And (for most) you are actually encouraged to sit until you have to get up to get the ball. On the bad side, if you happen to be behind the soccer net, then you have to stand for the whole game which really sucks if nothing ever happens, and if you’re a Canadian and you happen to be in the sun for the whole first half, it just gets that much worse.  Aside from the very few cons that I just recently listed, being ball crew can be quite fun. At the first game that I was ball crew, there were only 4 of us so we got to move around a lot (especially Pippa). When you are on the side of the field and you have to get up and move it makes you feel like you’re actually part of the game. As for the second game, being ball crew behind the net for warm up was quite interesting for there were lots of shots that are deflected or shot wide of the net. Unfortunately, during the game there wasn’t a lot of action at my end.  Anyhow, if anyone would have the chance to be ball crew I highly recommend it.


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