Working without an office…

by Rachel

Working without a dedicated office space – and staying focused – can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but I’m happy to say that we have fallen into quite a nice rhythm in Adelaide. Most mornings we go to the Adelaide City Library, right in the midst of the CBD in Rundle Mall. I can usually be found out on their third floor patio/balcony in the shade enjoying the warm breeze and hearing the strains of buskers’ music from the street below.

Neil and Pippa working on the library patio

After lunch the kids often stay and work in our apartment, but I shift my workplace to the Botanical Gardens – because, why not!! Sometimes I sit on the grass down by the lily pond in the shade of tree and read and take notes.

Often an ibis wanders by or ducks come to check out whether I have any treats. The squawks of lorikeets are a constant background sound, mixed with the chirps of the mynah birds and the Australian magpies and magpie-larks. Other times I find a table in one of the pavilions in the gardens which are a little cooler somehow and perhaps a bit more studious feeling. The tranquility and the beauty of the gardens makes it quite the most beautiful work setting I’ve ever had.

I can’t say that I’m missing my Murray Library office at all at the moment!


One Reply to “Working without an office…”

  1. That’s the kind of office I want! Sounds wonderful. I remember the Adelaide botanical gardens and so can imagine you there. I didn’t visit the library though!


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