Uda Walawe National Park in Sri Lanka

By Pippa

On Saturday the third of February we went to Uda Walawe national park. We had to wake up at, hmm, about three in the morning. It was so much fun! Well not waking up at three, but everything else was. We got up close and personal with, well,  I’ve lost count how many elephants!

elephants crossing the road

                                           We also saw water buffalo,

water buffalo hanging out

lots of different types of birds,  

bird sunning its wings

a couple of giant ants nest, some crocodiles, a frog, two turtles and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay maybe not that last one. But I did see a royal! No joke, really. We actually saw Prince Edward and Sophie! And Prince Edward waved to me! I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t actually recognise him at first, 😅 but I was happy to wave back. Anyways, after that I didn’t take many pictures. I just enjoyed the scenery and imagined a great story I could write. Our guide was great and saw all sorts of things I couldn’t, such as tiny fish in a puddle (I think he’s secretly part eagle). Oh ya, we saw some lizards too.

lizard in a log

We also got temporarily stuck in the mud, which was interesting to say the least. All in all, it was pretty awesome.



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