Cooking spicy and tasty food in Sri Lanka

So, a day or two ago, me and my family went to a cooking class. It was quite fun, learning how to cook traditional Sri Lankan food. The food that we made was absolutely delicious (and spicy to some).


Firstly, we went to the market to buy food for our curries. The market was almost exactly how I envisioned it; big, loud and full of heaps and heaps of vegetables, fruit and fish. So, we oohed and awed a bit, remembered the reason why we were here in the first place and took a tuk-tuk back to the cooking class.

We started with the making of the coconut milk. First, our instructor chopped the coconut in half, then he put it on some sort of contraption that is meant to take the coconut out of the coconut. We took turns and it was quite fun. Then he put the coconut from the coconut into a blender with some water to make the milk. After he had blended the coconut the first time he put the milk in a bowl then put the coconut back into the blender and added a bit more water. When he had blended the coconut for the second time, we tried it and were surprised at the fact that the coconut had not taste to it. Anyhow, with that done, we moved on to making our curries.

The first curry we made was a bean curry (green beans, not kidney beans) and I was a bit surprised at the abundance of flavour it beheld. The second curry that we made was a aubergine curry (I don’t know what it is either). It was very good. The third curry that we made was a pumpkin curry. It isn’t a type of curry that I would have thought of, but it was great all the same. The fourth curry (we made a lot of curries) was a chicken curry. I was surprised to learn that the Sri Lankans don’t fillet their chickens. Lastly, we made some plain ol’ dahl. Except, it wasn’t plain ol’ dahl because it was way too good to be plain ol’ dahl.

So, with the curries done, we sat down to eat. I really enjoyed this part ‘cause  I got to taste the really tasty food and I got to eat with my hands.20180205_144614.jpg


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  1. I am salivating already! I expect some really great curries when you get back to Saskatoon. I am sure you have now learned this but aubergine = eggplant.

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