Grand library spaces – the State Library

by Rachel

As we count down our last days in Adelaide and Australia, another library-related post only seemed appropriate. It’s down to the wire, but we finally got ourselves to the State Library of South Australia (we’ve only walked by it I don’t know how many times!). The State Library is one of the grand buildings on North Terrace, sitting alongside the Museum of South Australia and the Art Gallery. It is comprised of three spaces of different ages and architectural styles – all connected. On the west side is the original Institute building, on the east the Mortlock Chamber, and in the middle the Spence Library. We walked through all three, but it was the Mortlock Chamber that felt the most grand.

During our brief weekend stay in Melbourne in February I was able to get everyone to the State Library of Victoria too. Some reluctance to go, but everyone was very happy once we went inside. We even had to go hunting for Rowan when we were ready to leave – he was happily buried in a book. The Victoria State Library has an absolutely fabulous reading room, such an amazing space with a domed glass ceiling and six storeys high.


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