Vietnam (So Far)

We arrived in Vietnam on the fourth of April. We arrived to humidity for sure, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as in Singapore, thank goodness. Also, the people here are very nice! And, like Sri Lanka, the traffic here is CA-RAZY! Sure there are crosswalks that are marked down and all, but that doesn’t mean the people driving will stop (unless there are stop lights). And its amazing how much stuff they can carry on their motor cycles! Oh and there are a lot of motor cycles. Which is smart because they’re small and easy to maneuver. Plus, since there are so few parking places the motor cycles can just park on the side walk! Cause why not? But that’s another blog post.😇                                                So, so far so good with Vietnam!


3 Replies to “Vietnam (So Far)”

  1. Thank you!
    We’ve only been here for three days and I’m already getting the hang of crossing the streets!😆


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