luge number 2

We went lugeing (is that even a word?) in Singapore. There are currently only 6 luge runs in the whole world: One in Singapore, two in New Zealand, two in Canada and one in South Korea with another one in the making.

luge 3 april 2018Anyhow, we all went lugeing this time and it was quite fun. Not the same thrilling, almost completely out of control as last time, but still very fun. This luge run was very much in the green, which I know doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but what I mean is that the luge run had lots of greenery growing overtop and around it. Lots of tight turns in this one, meaning that you can’t pick up a lot of speed unless you’re either brave or just plain daft (like me!). Anyhow, lots of fun.

Sadly, this isn’t something that I can describe with ease, so I’ll just say that you should experience it yourself. For those in Canada, the two luge runs are in Calgary and at Mont Tremblant. For those in New Zealand, The two luge runs are in Rotorua and in Queenstown. I can’t remember where the one in South Korea is and the one in Singapore is on the island of Sentosa. So, lots of fun, go do it yourselves and yeah, that’s pretty much all that I’ve got to say.

Rachel and Pippa - luge 3 april 2018

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