By Pippa

We arrived in Singapore on the 29th of March. Like in the Cook Islands and Sri Lanka, Singapore is humid. Very, very humid. Also, Singapore is like one gigantic garden! Since it’s so humid plants can pretty much grow rampant, but the gardeners keep it looking fantastic! The weird thing was when we arrived here we were like, “Hey, we’re in Singapore, cool.” But before this trip we would probably have been more like “O my gosh we’re in Singapore!”. It’s interesting because, having been to all these different places, we’re a little more used to it now. But don’t get me wrong its still amazing that we’re in Singapore! The architecture here is amazing! There are some super cool buildings all over the city that’s for sure. Today we went to the Supertree Grove, which was really cool! For all of those who’re currently standing there with question marks floating around their heads because you haven’t a clue what that is, the Supertree Grove is a series of large vertical gardens that mimic large trees. Okay so if maybe that’s not the best description for how awesome it is. But I’m sure the pictures will show you!

So all in all Singapore is pretty cool!


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