Hanoi’s Crazy Traffic

By Pippa

What did I say about another blog post! In my latest blog post (the one about Vietnam) I talked a little about the crazy traffic in Hanoi. So now I’m going to do a whole post about it! I got the hang of crossing the street pretty quickly which is good. The trick is to know when to go and when not to. Oh, and having eyes in the back of your head helps too. Crossing the streets is almost like a dance. You go, you stop, you twist, you turn and you try not to get hit by a motor cycle! I’m pretty sure that’s part of dancing. Hm. Anyways if you read my other one I mentioned that they carry crazy stuff on their motor cycles and bikes. And now, to add to my list of crazy things, pigs in a cage on the back of a motor cycle and chickens too. Yes you heard me, chickens and pigs. In a cage, on the back of a frickin’ motor cycle!

I mean how great is that! Anyways since we are talking about motor cycles, there are around 46 000 000 (forty-six million) motor cycles in Vietnam, which means a little over two per person! That, my friends, is a lot of motor cycles.

rows and rows of motor cycles all lined up

So to sum it up, crazy driving, crazy stuff being carried and a crazy amount of motor cycles! And that’s this afternoon’s traffic report! Back to you Cary. 😊





2 Replies to “Hanoi’s Crazy Traffic”

  1. What a super blog, Pippa! I am really enjoying your writing. I particularly enjoyed the description of your crossing – the street- dance. Such a great collection of motorbike and bicycle pictures as well. who knew they could carry so much stuff ..


  2. Thanks! I’m so glad you like it!
    complements to my mum and dad for the pictures.
    I know right?
    sometimes I look at them and think “how is that even possible???”


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