Italian soccer game

Today, we went to a soccer game. It was the team from Roviano against the team from Tivoli. I honestly didn’t think that either of these two places were big enough to have a team, but apparently they did (it was a league game, if you were wondering) Anyhow, to start the game they had a sort of firework go off. The only difference is that it exploded as soon as it was set off and it was about 10 feet away from where we were sitting. It was the best wake up call I’ve ever had in my entire life. I could feel it reverberating all through my body.

Anyhow, the game itself was actually quite fun to watch. It was an odd mix of auzzie style soccer and European style soccer. But hey, that’s what made it fun to watch. So first half come and gone (not much to say about it honestly), but the second half, now THAT was interesting… so to speak. There were lots of cries of outrage at some of the calls made by the ref (namely all those made against the home team). Nearing the end, it almost seemed like the crowd was going to riot (and although that would have made a VERY interesting story, that didn’t happen). Anyhow, Roviano lost and I swear it seemed like everyone there was criticizing the ref and what calls he made (the ref must have been from Tivoli btw).

Last but not least, they played on a dirt pitch (to all those non soccer people, pitch means soccer field). I have no idea why you would want to play on a dirt pitch (seeing as there is next to no grip and there is lot’s of dust that gets kicked up) but that’s what they were playing on. I guess it’s cheaper to maintain, but still, why? Why play on a dirt pitch?

And…. ya, that’s really it.

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