By Pippa

We arrived in Roviano, Italy on Friday the thirteenth. After lugging our suitcases up a steep hill we arrived at our house. A small, three storied house with an amazing view of the valley! Roviano is small, quiet, not a lot of people and relatively laid back. But then again, after Adelaide and Hanoi anything is laid back. Other than that nothing really happens here. Okay not true, there was a soccer game today (22 of April). Oh and no one here speaks English. Great right? Not so much. But we’re managing. We know some words and simple phrases in Italian and its great because when one of us messes up we all just laugh! The people here are really nice though, and its better that they laugh than be annoyed at us, because we are undoubtedly mispronouncing something. Roviano is a great place to walk around in, especially in the older part, which is where we live, with its interesting small doors and narrow streets. Just the other day we went on a very long walk to an ancient roman bridge. We walked down a beautiful, half abandoned trail surrounded by wildflowers and, unfortunately, stinging nettles. I managed not to get stung almost the whole way there until we came to this toppled over tree that we had to climb over and the ground was all muddy and the part I climbed over was surrounded by stinging nettles and I got stung. But the bridge was sooooo cool and really pretty! oh ya, one more thing about Roviano, since we’re so high up when I rains our view totally disappears! 

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