Isolation in a nutshell

It’s horrible.

But honestly it really is. Obviously, this is just from my perspective, as I am stuck in an unfamiliar country, isolating in a tiny hotel room with food that is brought to me at inconsistent times at best and is nonexistent at worst.

Since I have entered the UK, I’m pretty sure I’ve spent a grand total of maybe 5 minutes outside, which includes me getting to where I am and depositing my covid test. Now, usually that would be mostly fine, seeing as how during my first year of university I literally went days without going outside at all. However, this is much different than that, as now I am forced to stay inside instead of being partially able to choose whether or not I do, which somehow makes a huge difference. It also doesn’t help that I hardly ever see anyone, the food is not the greatest and I can hardly do any physical activity. Adding on to that, my room is so small that when I do do any exercise, my room becomes very warm and stuffy regardless of the weather outside. Thankfully I have been able to pass the time because if I genuinely had nothing to do I would have probably gone insane

This may not be the case for everyone though, if, say, you had your own house or apartment that had more squarefootage than a van and/or had more than one room. My biggest problem is the lack of being able to move and the not being able to stick my head outside (helps a surprising amount).

Now, if you do have to isolate, here are some tips. Make sure that you have lots to do, as boredom could be your mortal enemy and you don’t want to give it a reason to be so. Also, give yourself a schedule. It doesn’t have to be the same thing every day, just something to look forward to. Talking to people is also important to do, even if you’re very introverted (like me). If anything it just adds variation to your day.

But most importantly, if you can avoid it

avoid it

2 Replies to “Isolation in a nutshell”

  1. Hi Rowan, you sound in a bit of a bad place but it won’t last much longer! It won’t be long before you can taste the salt in the sea breeze, literally, and then show your fellow football people what Canadians are made of !


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