Guess what! Another cooking class!!

So, as you might have guessed, we had another cooking class (you know, if we keep having cooking classes I’m going to have to think of some more creative names). We got to learn how to make pasta by hand and how to make some delicious ragu.

To start off the class, my family and I, with Penny and Jacob and two complete strangers, made some pasta dough stuff (not quite sure what it’s called). It was quite simple, just some flour and egg. Then we mixed it all up into a ball and kneaded it, then we used a rolling pin to spread it all out. Course, as our teacher told us, there are other ways to make pasta (basically do the same thing but with water), but this was the way that she taught us. So, after we did all that fun stuff with the dough, we went on to making our ragu.


The ragu was surprisingly simple. Just some garlic ( a whole garlic clove, no chopping it up), some onion, celery and a lot of tomatoes (canned whole tomatoes and some tomato pulp) and some ground beef. We then just let it simmer till we ate.

After that, we went and started the completion of our pasta. For the fettuccini, we rolled the dough ovals and cut them vertically. After that, we separated them and lay them flat on a table and moved on to the ravioli.


The ravioli was the most complicated of the two and we basically just put dollops of innards on the oval pasta, folded the dough so that it covered the innards. We then cut them into ravioli shaped things and repeated the process.

Once that was done, we were told to sit down and wait whilst our teacher and her husband cooked the pasta, which, by the way, was DIVINE. So we ate our fill (and more), then we walked outside, got an ice cream and we parted ways. It was an awesome cooking class.

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