Working without an office – Roviano style

By Rachel

It’s half way through our time in Roviano already so I thought it was appropriate to share my new ‘office’ with you. Not quite the same as Adelaide – there’s no public library to spend portion s of our day at – but it’s been pretty great, particularly in the sunny days.

When it’s cool or rainy, Pippa, Rowan, and I share the main living space.


When it’s sunny, though, we spread out into the outdoors. Access to the Wi-Fi gets a bit sketchy as you go further from the house – but oh it is worth it! I love sitting on the lower terrace with the sunlight filtered through the leaves of the fig tree and grape vines.


Sometimes Pippa and I work on the main terrace, enjoying the sun and the view and the occasional person wandering by.

Rarely, though, do I work on the balcony – the view is a little distracting….


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