Paris Part 2: The Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower

By Pippa

Since we were only in Paris for three days we tried to cram in as much stuff as possible, which is our usual plan for these situations. After the Louvre we went to see the Notre Dame church. There was much groaning and mumbling on the walk there, considering we had just spent around two hours walking around the Louvre, but, personally, I was glad we had gone. We didn’t end up going inside, for a few reasons, one being that we were all rather tired and wanted to sit down and relax, two being it was still an active church and looked rather crowded and three being that my dad isn’t really a church kinda guy. But the outside was still pretty amazing.

The next day we went to see………………………………


LE TOUR EIFFEL!πŸ—Ό(Eiffel Tower, for those of you who don’t read French).

Cause, I mean, you kinda have to. It was around a two hour walk there. It was a nice walk, albeit a tad warm at times. I must admit, Paris is good at making bridges. We passed one that felt a bit over snazzy to me. But hey who cares, it looked cool. 😁

Any ways after two hours the Eiffel Tower Finally came into view! Well at least that’s what I was told, I couldn’t actually see it because the trees were blocking my view. We walked up from the River and made our way to the Tower. The Tower was surrounded by A. park B. construction and C. people trying to sell you Eiffel Tower souvenirs. That last one is normal and you’ll see it at any famous place. After waiting in a long line and going through security, we finally made it under the Eiffel Tower. Under it, not in it. Once we got under it we had to, once again, stand in a long line. This time to get tickets. I do believe it took us around 45 minutes to actually get to the ticket booth. it took us the same amount of time to walk up the Eiffel tower, look at the view

, and walk back down again. Although to be fair we were in a bit of a rush because we were going to meet up with pipers from the Paris pipe band so that they could fix Rowan’s pipes. And I am so glad we did cause they sounded way better. As a thanks my parents offered to buy them drinks. We went to a bar near by and they told us some of their experiences piping in other countries, all of them rather funny. My favourite one was when one of their fellow pipers was asked to pipe for the Queen of England. Sounds cool right? that wasn’t the funny thing though, the funny thing was when the queen nodded in… approval (?) and he didn’t nod back, but winked. A totally normal French thing to do, if you were performing for some normal event, but not all that normal if you’re piping for royalty. πŸ˜‚ After an hour of sharing stories we walked to the metro station and bid each other farewell. I really do wish we had stayed longer in Paris, three days not being nearly long enough to see anything, but the next day we had to say goodbye to Paris.

I am SO going back there!😁

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