A French st-Malo

So yeah, I’m back. Have been awfully busy with trying to complete everything that my teachers have sent me in the past month. Anyhow, I’ll just stop making excuses and get on with this blog post.

So, in case you somehow managed to miss the title, this blog is about the port city (small city) of Saint-Malo. It is on the coast of France (obviously) and is in the region of Brittany. It was actually quite nice. After our excruciating trek from the train station to our apartment, we discovered it was a cute little suite with a loft and a master bedroom. It also happened to be fairly close to the walled part of saint-malo ( the French call it the “intra-murs”). It was basically a sizeable fort with a portion of the city in it (we looked in to the price of these apartments and they were way out of our price range). Anyhow , plenty of nice crêperies and a nice walk along the walls.

The day after we arrived, we were dragged from our comfortable living space to go see the impressive walls of St-Malo.


It also happened to be really foggy that day so we didn’t get a whole lot of pictures.


The second day was windy actually kind of cold (with the wind), which managed to foil my mother’s plans to go to the beach. We had a fairly relaxing time that day.

On the last day we (sadly) left our little apartment and headed off to the docks and boarded our ferry. Much sadness was had when we left the harbour in St-Malo but we were off onto our next part of our adventure.


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