Confessions of a railway geek, sort of…

By Neil

Okay, I must confess two things here; firstly I am incredibly behind on my blog posts and I’m secretly a railway geek. In the first case, my excuse is that we have been traveling a lot in the past three weeks, meeting old friends and exploring a lot. There is no excuse in the second case, I have loved trains since I was a kid. This is only really relevant in relation to what comes next.

Three weeks ago, we took the opportunity to visit the National Railway Museum in York, England. The primary motivators here for our family were the proximity to our Air BnB and the lack of admission fee. For me, however, was the unexpressed delight at looking at old trains. It was like being a kid again, spending hours setting up train track, creating imaginary worlds and watching trains go around and around for hours. My inner geek was in rapture. But let’s face it, what’s not to love about trains.



The Museum was a real treat, with exhibits ranging from the earliest days of steam in Britain, right up to high speed trains and the building of the channel tunnel. By far and away, the best for me was to be up close to some iconic pieces of British railway history and imagine the sight and sound of them in their heyday. It took me back to my childhood, and my inner train geek smiled.


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