An Icelandic dip

By Rachel

Tuesday was our last day in Iceland and we were able to finish off our time there with a true Icelandic experience. Reykjavik, like many (most? all?) towns in the country have public pools or baths heated by the geothermal activity for which the country is famous. However Reykjavik has 7 – yes 7!! – pools for local people to enjoy. One of those, Sundhöll Reykyavikur, the oldest in the city, was easy walking distance from where we were staying. A perfect place to go after a day of walking and shopping.

The price was good, especially for kids, and the facilities were excellent. Outdoor pools meant we could enjoy the rare sunshine and the warm water meant we could do so in comfort. There is lane swimming – cooler water but still warmer than we would expect for a swimming pool, various warm/hot tubs ranging in temperature from 38° to 42°, and, of course, an ice bath – 10-12°.

I tried them all, in fact all 5 of us tried them all. The ice bath was brutal, my ankles and legs ached like you wouldn’t believe, but I went in a few times (up to my shoulders!) for a whole 2 seconds. Neil loved the ice bath and by the end could stay in for about a minute or 2. The 42° hot pot was more my style. We all swam some lengths, hung out in the ‘baby’ pool (the coolest of the hot tubs), and revelled in the experience.

Such a great thing to do on our last day, relaxing and so fun….

2 Replies to “An Icelandic dip”

  1. I LOVED the outdoor pools in Iceland and I like how they are the social centres for the people – when we were there in winter the pools were filled with steam so people just chatted even though they couldn’t really see who they were chatting with!


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