The amazing Rarotonga

We arrived in Rarotonga on October 8.When I stepped out of the plane the first thing I noticed was that the air was muggy and humid and that it was difficult to breathe because I wasn’t used to it. One of the many things I noticed on the first day was that almost nothing is open on Sundays, because everyone is at church.


While being driven to the place we would be staying for the week, I noticed dogs and chickens roaming around free! I also noticed that the chicks weren’t only yellow, but many different colours, such as brown, white and black. Some other thing I noticed regarding animals is that people have pigs, horses and cows in their yard. Other animals I noticed roaming around were cats and goats. There are also many sea creatures living in the lagoon, such as sea snakes and sea cucumbers.

chickens1 chickens2.jpg


I also noticed that none of the plants look the same as those in Saskatoon, probably because we are in the tropics. While I was riding on the bus the other day, I saw some coconut trees that were taller than the tallest pine trees in Saskatoon. I took many pictures of the plants while walking around, because they fascinated me with their strange shapes, wide variety of sizes and large assortment of colours.

tree1.jpg tree2.jpg


These past few days I have noticed that not many locals walk to get to places, most of them actually either scooter, drive or bike. Also, and probably because of that, there are not many sidewalks to walk on.  And, at least for me any way, they drive on the opposite side of the street. Another thing I learned is that people are allowed to ride in the back, or bed if you will, of a vehicle.




3 Replies to “The amazing Rarotonga”

  1. Hi Pippa, it was great reading about your thoughts on Raratonga and looking at your pictures. I think you must be enjoying using your camera. I like the idea of chickens wandering the streets – that is really free-range chicken! I’ll look forward to reading your other posts, so I can follow you on your BIG adventure.
    I am thinking of you.



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