Melbourne Cup day

Pippa – all dressed up for the Melbourne Cup

By Rachel 

Melbourne Cup day – who knew that a horse race would be such a big deal! I’m guessing that it’s an event across the country as Melbourne is an 8 hour drive away from Adelaide, but there were still signs in pubs and restaurants recommending that people ‘book a table’ for the Melbourne Cup. I even saw a business that closed Tuesday in order to watch the race!

As part of our cultural experience we thought that we, too, should take part. We dressed up and went out to a nearby restaurant/pub. Beer and wine was had – of course (the non-alcoholic ginger beer kind for Rowan). DSCN0869

We each chose a horse to root for, primarily based on their names (not exactly scientific). Luckily we didn’t place any real bets, though, as not one of our four choices got into the top 6!

Then, after hours of build-up, the whole thing was over in 2.5 minutes. I think the kids were a little disappointed. But that’s horse-racing for you…


2 Replies to “Melbourne Cup day”

  1. And did you learn that the Aussies don’t use the word “root” when the “barrack” for a horse or team? I’ll leave you to figure that out, only don’t ask them because the reaction won’t be pleasant 🙂
    Eric, in Grade One, won a bouquet of lilacs at school when his horse placed in the 1991 Melbourne Cup!


    1. Eric obviously has s way better sense of race horses than I do! I hadn’t realised that there was such a focus on horses here. This weekend is another horse event – the Adelaide Horse Trials – which is held on the West Terrace (so really nearby, right in the parks of the CBD). It’s 3 days of horse events including dressage, cross country (which includes a water course using the pond just a couple of blocks from our apartment!), and show jumping. Should be interesting!


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