Another Cooking Class!!!!!!!

So, yeah, we took another cooking class, but this time it was in Vietnam. We learnt how to make spring rolls! (among other things).  But we made spring rolls!!( I don’t know why I’m so happy about that). We arrived at the place (which was a restaurant that we had been at) just on time.  We then proceeded to have tea and meet up with our translator/guide/cook helper. He took us around a market and then we went and grabbed a coffee.


When we got back, we went up to the third floor and started our class.  The cook teacher started making desert before anything else (which makes sense later on). Then, she taught us the proper ways to cut stuff (like chicken, and onion) and we added oyster and fish sauce then set aside our chicken to marinade. We then proceeded to cut up some lemongrass and lemon leaves. We then took our chicken, put it on some banana leaves and added the lemongrass, lemon leaves and ginger.

We then wrapped up the combination and steamed cooked it for a certain amount of time (I can’t exactly remember how long).  After that, we moved on to the spring rolls… SPRINGROLLS!!!!!!  Anyhow, we made those (A combination of meat, mushrooms, jicama and some other stuff, wrap it in rice paper, then deep fry them), then moved on to finishing the desert (which, by the way, is only cut peas that are soaked for two hours in water and then add some sugar to taste).


Afterwards, we ate everything, and it was Delicious! After, we parted ways, happy that we had new recipes and sorry to leave the amazing people from restaurant 96 behind.



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