Accessing the internet

Neil Rowan Pippa - internetIt is one of those things we take for granted in Canada – that wifi hotspots are nearly ubiquitous, open, and freely available. Not the case everywhere. A bit of a wake-up call for us when we got to the Cook Islands! There were wifi hotspots but they were hotspots for a fee, and they did not cover a very large area. Even in the airport, the wifi was login only. It was fascinating to discover how much we expect to have access to the internet; sometimes our day felt like it was structured around finding an opportunity to check email. Once we got into the rhythm, though, it became a little farcical. Scheduling a trip down to the BlueSky store so we could all get up to date on what was happening at home. Rowan saying ‘oh, hey, I have wifi!’ and everyone stopping immediately to check their phones, regardless of where we were. Pippa - internetOr Pippa so desperate to check her email that we wandered down the road from our house until we found a wifi spot – under a tree by the side of the road. We start to realize how spoilt we are….

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