The Adelaide Horse Trials

By Rachel 

I still think it’s fascinating how the centre of Adelaide is surrounded by parkland and am amazed by the events that can take place in the midst of the city because of it. Case in point, last weekend the Adelaide Horse Trials happened here, three days of dressage, show jumping, and cross country. The cross country portion was on Saturday and incorporated all the park of the East Terrace – including crossing at least one major road, placing jumps in the pond in Rymill Park, and traversing through the Rose Garden.

We decided to take in some of the ‘show’ that day, since Rymill Park is only just over a block from where we are living. It was an experience of a world that we are definitely not normally a part of. I have to admit that Pippa and Rowan’s attention wasn’t held for very long, however, ice cream definitely helped make it a bit more appealing…

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