The Adelaide Zoo

By Pippa

A couple days ago, my family and I went to the zoo. Practically every single animal was new to me.

When we had figured out which way we wanted to go, and which animals to see first, we passed a hippo habitat that did not have a hippo in it (I don’t know exactly why) and saw a paper that talked about how they had a hippo that was actually the oldest hippo in the world! Unfortunately, she died recently. After that, we saw the pigmy hippo, which I thought was quite cute. Then we saw two alligators, or were they crocodiles? Anyway, we saw them, and they were so still, it looked like they were fake! The only way we could tell they were actually alive is that we could see them breathing, because their throats were moving.img_2443.jpg I unfortunately can’t remember all the animals we saw, but I’ll try my best. So, after the crocodiles we went to another habitat, of an otter I think, and at first we didn’t see it, but then we saw him peek his head out of a log, and I got one picture before he ducked back in. After that we saw some kanga and roos, uh, I mean kangaroos and wallabies. I noticed that the wallabies’ tails had red-y orange and white rings all the way up and down, well practically anyway. After that we saw some poisonous frogs, don’t worry, they were in enclosed habitats, they weren’t running, or hopping I guess, around loose. Actually, I don’t think those particular frogs were poisonous, because, according to a piece of information outside their habitat, they have a different diet, which makes it so that they aren’t poisonous. After the frogs, we saw these weird animals that looked like giant stretch guinea pigs. Besides their strange appearance, they were actually kind of cute. After the stretch guinea pigs (I don’t actually remember exactly what they were called) we saw the giraffes. Giraffes, my friends, are beautiful animals. Graceful, without trying. Elegant in their own way. They are one of my favourite animals. Then, we saw some of the most adorable animals in the history of ever. Meerkats. They don’t even need to try to be cute, they just…are! Then we saw some funky looking birds. ‘Gasp’ a kookaburra! IMG_2490 then we saw an emu, who I don’t think wanted to have its picture taken, because It decided to dramatically waltz right back on into its little private space behind its habitat where we couldn’t see it. Then we saw even more birds on our way to the panda habitat, but we could not see the pandas because they were behind the habitat, so we decided to go back a little later. On our way to the café, because we were thirsty, we past the alligators who, ‘gasp’ moved! We also saw that the pigmy hippo had gone into the water.  IMG_2507.JPGAfter we finished our drinks we made our way to where the pelicans were. In the same place there were these geese that kept fighting and being super territorial, which made me laugh! Then we saw a little bear that looked like a miniature black bear. THEN we saw two lions! The first was a female, and the second was a male. We actually arrived when they had gotten their food, which was cool. We also saw a desert fox which was soooo cute! After the lions, we saw a tiger, an orangutan and, I think, a baboon. Then we saw two maned wolves. And then we saw even MORE meerkats, ’yay’, and one of them was white, which was cool. Then we saw a super cool bird, which, I think, was around when the dinosaurs were around. How cool is that? It’s called a cassowary. Then we finally saw the pandas! Which were the last animal we saw on that trip to the zoo. We didn’t see all of the animals because some of them were hiding, (rude), but maybe we’ll see them next time! 

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